It’s Tuesday, and Time For Tuesday Motes

About damn time: Hank Williams Jr., Marty Stuart and songwriter Dean Dillon are the newest inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Williams is known for his songs like “A Country Boy Can Survive,” “Family Tradition” and “All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’ Over Tonight”. Stuart, a five-time Grammy winner, started his career as a sideman playing in bands led by country legends Lester Flatt and Johnny Cash before starting his own artist career. Dillon is known for being the tunesmith behind George Strait’s dozens of hits, including “The Chair,” “Ocean Front Property” and “Here For a Good Time.” With Linda Hargrove, he also wrote the timeless classic “Tennessee Whiskey,” which has been covered by David Allan Coe, George Jones and Chris Stapleton, who turned it into a seven-time platinum hit. Congratulations to all. And about damn time.

Love (Head)Line : “MY lover and I have an intense and passionate relationship but she has a partner, another woman, and is making no move to be with me.” “When we started to have sex it was mind-blowing. I am a guy aged 31 and I met this girl at work last year. She is 28.” Again, “mind-blowing” sex. But she won’t leave the other woman? Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Reviews: I love “indie” movies since they are not made by hollywierd hypocriters. Last weekend I watched “Burning Kentucky”. Wow. Every bit as good as “Winter’s Bone”. It is a story of families, their history’s and how they intertwine and finally complete the circle that is life. Highly recommend. While I was on a “hillbilly” kick, I also read “Bull Mountain” and “Like Lions” by Brian Panowich. Where movies often just show the “what’s”, books can tell you the “why’s”. These two novels cover the “Burroughs” family for 5 generations. They were both non-stop readers. I will be reading more of Panowich’s work.

Sorry; I was trying to listen to the DNC “virtual “convention but couldn’t force myself passed the first Obama. Drivel, pour simple drivel.

Those who fail to learn history: Regarding the actions of the mobs in Portland I have one thing to tell you, “Reginald Denny”. Don’t stop, ever.

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