End Of The Week Motes

She wanted it: Nine months after resigning from Congress, former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill is set to release a memoir detailing the events that led up to her high-profile departure and her game plan for the future. Her memoir, “She Will Rise: Becoming a Warrior for True Equality,” she slams the “double standard” women face in politics and the “misogynistic culture” that “gleefully consumed my naked pictures” and “capitalized on my sexuality.” No Ms. Hill, it wasn’t just the naked pictures or your sexuality that ended your “term”. It was your misuse of your station to coerce, yes force, an individual under your authority into a sexual relationship. With men they call that RAPE. You got off easy. I read a lot, but this ain’t never going to make my library.

Big surprise here: Police Chief Carmen Best announced her retirement Monday night. Best’s announcement came on the same day the council approved the mid-year budget cut from the police department’s 2019-2020 budget of $400 million. I’m sure it has nothing to do with her city council ordered response, of lack thereof, to the “peaceful protest” that took over the middle of her city.

A simple answer: “They” want us to all wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They are releasing prisoners to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Why don’t they just give the prisoners masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19? Just asking for a friend.

Odd: I find it curious that after sitting in a warehouse for 7 years, the 2,700 ton of ammonium nitrate “accidentally” catches fire and explodes less than a month after senior Lebanese officials received warnings. Coincidence?

Political comment: Let’s not forget earlier this year Candidate Biden calling a constituent a “Lying dog faced pony soldier”. To me, that shows what contempt he holds for those who would vote for him. The MSM has forgotten the incident, but still bring up misquotes attributed to President Trump from 20 years ago.

At the time of this writing, I still don’t know if I will be “allowed” to fly to Hilo for the weekend. The governor’s new quarantine order has left a dead spot for people like me. So far, I have to carry copies of 5 different documents, fill out a “required travel form” and of course show my federally approved identification. “Land of the free”? No matter what happens, I’m sure there will be some “Writers Tears” involved this weekend.

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