Wednesday Motes To Take Home

Hey Oprah: In my life I have carried drywall, painted apartments, picked up dog shit, and cleaned other people’s toilets. I haven’t made a good living all the time, but I kept going. Next time you feel like telling me all about my white privilege, let’s spend some time talking and your “green privilege”. Truth be known, your “green” gets you a lot more privilege than my white.

New normal: “I am offended.” Today’s preferred answer: “Oh I’m so sorry. Let me rearrange my whole life for you.” Proper answer, “I don’t care”.

Rights are rights: A convoy consisting of thousands of bikers headed for the Sturgis rally will not be allowed to cross Cheyenne River Sioux checkpoints on their way to the event, according to a Native American spokesman. The spokesman said Saturday that the band of travelers would be stopped on their way to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, in the name of preventing coronavirus from spreading any further. The seven tribes that make up the Sioux Nation are now in a fight with federal and state officials, who deemed such checkpoints to be illegal. There’ll be some bitching, but most bikers I know will respect the tribe. The tribes are correct. The U.S. Government “gave” them the land as “theirs” to live on. I’m not going to argue about it was theirs anyway and the U.S. stole it just like they did Hawaii, but it is their right to control the access to their land. Respect that right. If there was a “Hawaiian Reservation”, it would receive the same respect. Or at least it should.

Get well fast: “America’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell has undergone surgery after breaking his back in several spots while falling off his bike on Saturday. The 60-year-old entertainment mogul was testing a new electric bike in the courtyard of his home in Malibu, California, with his family when he fell, according to his spokeswoman. Okay, he’s blunt, acerbic, and sometimes, in my opinion, humorless, but it’s a long road he faces, one I’ve been down, and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

I just can’t help it: I know it’s not “good” to take delight in the trouble of others, but I can’t help but enjoy the downfall of the ultra-woke Ellen DeGeneres. Her opinions and jabs at conservatives and her continued shaming have worn thin. Now the world is beginning to understand just how hypocritical are the people that think they are “elite”.

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