Tiny Tuesday Motes

Does anybody really care: Former First Lady Michelle Obama says she’s suffering from a “low-grade depression.” The reasons? The pandemic, race relations in the US and the political strife surrounding it all. And just what have you or your husband done to solve or mitigate any of those? Simple answer, not a damn thing. If anything, IMHO, you both have exacerbated these problems and should ( but never will) accept you are partly responsible for 2 out of the 3.

Waiting to see: I wrote some time ago that I was no longer a member of the NRA and wouldn’t give them any of my $$ until there was a “full house cleaning.” The payments for top echelon apartments, cars and planes, and girlfriends had to stop and be publicly addressed. Well, the State AG of New York has started the ball rolling. I really would like to see the NRA get back to what it was, instead of the cash cow it has become.

Long weekend of movies: Don’t believe much out of Hollywierd but just in case I have a .45 hollow point filled with silver and a 12g with silver buckshot, just in case.

We do it our way: Speaking with a friend the other day, the Honolulu Police are near 3 months behind in issuing firearm purchase permits. Ferderal law says within 7 days, state of Hawaii says 10 working days, HPD says here hold my malasada and coffee.

Who’s next: A mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” gathered at the home of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police officer Joseph Mensah’s girlfriend and shot at the back door after violently assaulting them. On Saturday night, a mob of 50-60 militant leftists showed up at his girlfriend’s home. Their “right to peacefully assemble” included firing shots into the ho,me, occupied by a women and children. Oh, the cop is black. The “peaceful protesters” in Portland have now thrown paint on people who disagreed with them, beaten people trying to drive by, and threatened homes. How soon well it be before they come to your neighborhood and threaten your business, unless you make a “donation”? At this rate, you won’t be safe no matter how far out of town you live. Me, they come, they don’t leave.

I’m not a Karen: Will shopping for a new printer on Sunday, I went into Best Buy. While looking I notice a woman and her “son”. The young man appeared in his late teen’s to early twenties but it was his attire that attracted my attention. He was wearing grey bib-overalls, white “muscle” t-shirt, and a grey forage cap with an emblem I would associate with a Nazi eagle. Basically he was wearing a Nazi “alpineer forces” outfit. I did not get in his, or her face, even tho’ I found his outfit rather disturbing and neither one was wearing a face mask. Nor did I raise hell with the “manager”. My job is to watch out for my family circle.

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