Sunday Rant

I have to have a license to drive a car. I have to prove who I am to get a mortgage and buy a home.
I need positive identification to fly between islands or the mainland.
I need to provide ID and fingerprints to buy a firearm.
I have to prove who I am to cash a check or use a credit card. I need to provide state or federal ID to apply for unemployment insurance, welfare, or food stamps. Most employers will ask me for ID.
If a cop asks, I must provide valid identification.
I cannot rent an apartment unless I can prove who I am. I have to show identification to purchase alcohol or get a drink in a bar, if they ask.
I need to prove how old I am, that’s identification, to buy cigarettes.
The animal shelter requires me to prove who I am before they’ll let me adopt an animal.
Doctor prescribe medication, I need to prove it’s for me, and I am me.
Business license, parade permit, or camping permit? I’d better bring identification. Register my child for school, yep id required.

But to vote in an election that will affect me, and my children, and their children, well,I can do that in the mail. HUH???????

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