Saturday Story

T and A and Barbie
As you go along in life you meet some people that never seem to get a break. Then there are the others that always seem to find everything they need, when they need it, and at exactly the price they want to pay. Don’t you just hate them? Then there are the rest of us.
I was standing at the waitress station at the old Sand Island Rand B, waiting to order a drink. That was faster than waiting for the waitress. Julie walked over, kissed my cheek, bent to pick something up off the floor, put it in her pocket, and walked back to the table.
I got the drinks and joined her at the table. After a few minutes she asked if I had dropped something. In fact, she asked twice so I knew she thought she already knew the answer. She seemed so surprised when I answered no.
She then reached into her pocket and told me I had dropped a ten dollar bill. She took it out, unfolded it only to find out it wasn’t a ten, it was a hundred dollar bill.
I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a bar full of bikers on a Friday night, but it’s no place to ask if anyone had dropped a hundred. So I didn’t. We enjoyed the night.
On the other hand, she thought she saw money lying on the floor of the ladies room of Anna’s. She bent down to pick it up, and soundly smacked her head on the very sharp corner of the ladies room Condom Machine.
She hit it so hard, she almost lost consciousness, put a dent in her forehead she still has, and found out it was only the cover to a religious tract. Not such an enjoyable night.
The very best story is about Trish and Al. Or as everyone referred to them, T and A.
Al was an iron worker employed on the Honolulu Stadium project and Trish did taxes and other bookkeeping jobs as she could get.
The whole thing started out on a leisurely Sunday ride that went bad. T and A went down on the back road from Wahiawa to Haleiwa. A twisty turny road everyone enjoys but forgets how many bikes and bikers that road has taken. It was a bad spill.
Al’s bike was totaled after slipping down, dumping both of them into the road, and then doing a couple of end over ends down a hillside. They both ended up in the E.R., Al in the I.C.U.
Trish had some bad bumps, bruises, and road rash while Al had a concussion and multi-break fracture to his leg. It could have been worse, at least they were alive.
AL couldn’t work, it wasn’t tax season, and they didn’t have a bike. The insurance was filed for, but that takes time under the best of circumstances. So they were both home when a State of Hawaii DOT investigator showed up to “talk about” the accident.
You know, those three greatest lies one of which is, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Right!
Well, in this case, the investigator did find something wrong with the roadway and the State paid all outstanding medical bills, and the insurance deductible. He did help.
Al was recovering and healing slowly, so he and Trish decided to go see her family in North California. While there they pitched in to help as best they could.
After about 5 weeks, Al was doing pretty good, had the cast off and was exercising daily. Trish’s Mom asked him if he could bust up and tear down an old storage shed in the back. It had been there for years, wasn’t being used, and was full of God knows what.
Now this is important, Trish was the only daughter with 3 brothers. Remember this.
While cleaning out the shed, Al came upon a box of old toys. You know the kind families keep or just never throw out, until long after the kids are gone.
Inside Al found some of Trish’s old dolls. Now, he knew they were hers as no sisters. Remember I said that was important. These were not just any dolls.
There were 5 mint condition, still in the original box with plastic and price tag intact, Barbie dolls. Five!
And since she was the only daughter, they were Trish’s. No question.
They had them appraised, then sold three of them for just over twenty thousand dollars. Collectors were foaming at the mouth to buy the damn things. They gave some of the money to Trish’s Mom, Al paid off a new Harley, and Trish locked the remaining two in a safe deposit box.
Some people are always lucky.
But some get it when they really need it. I’m not sure where T and A land, but damn.

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