Thursday Motes To Think About

Maybe if she did her job: Days after antifa rioters terrorized Seattle, driving in a van full of weapons and explosives in order to set fires and attempt to blow up police departments, Mayor Jenny Durkan focused her attention squarely on President Donald Trump, accusing him of running a “dress rehearsal for martial law.” She claimed that Trump’s efforts to bolster local law enforcement to combat a rising tide of crime and violence have “decreased public safety.” At one point, rioters set off an explosive that blew an 8-inch hole through a wall of the Police Department’s East Precinct. Rioters have injured 59 police officers. But it’s all Trump’s fault.

Mini-Rant: I make no secret I believe all this crap is not about safety or security, it’s about power. Due to Julie’s cancer and transplant, I do wear a mask because it might keep her healthy as I am constantly exposed to people all day on job site’s. I try, I really do, but last Friday, Hawaiian Airlines flight 321, seat 7F, sat a fat, ugly woman who just couldn’t keep her face mask on during the flight. Despite the attendant’s telling her 5 times to “please” put her mask back on. I hope she lives and interesting life.

Just asking: How come nobody burned any Quran’s in Portland? I guess you can insult Christianity because we don’t “eye of an eye” any more.

It ain’t for the kids: There have been 86 children who have died in the US where the death was “linked” to the coronavirus. There are approximately 500 children who die every year from the seasonal flu. And each year over 1200 children are killed in roadside fatalities. And approximately 700 children drown. But teachers, and their unions, don’t want to start the school year and want you to believe that “it’s for the children”. Not safety, it’s all about power.

I’m not sure it means what you think it means: Oprah says “whiteness gives you an advantage no matter what”. I don’t think she was every a haole cop, in Honolulu, during the 70’s. Trust me, it wasn’t an advantage, no matter what she thinks.

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