Mid-Week Motes

“They” write the Headlines: Since the end of WWII, the US has had a presence in Germany. We have had hundreds of thousands of troops that have been stationed there, we have spent billions of US tax dollars on infrastructure, German economy, and protection of US “interests” in Germany. What have we gotten from it all? Maybe someone else can answer that, I can’t. President Trump has decided to withdraw 12,000 troops, leaving about 200,000. The headline? “Germany US Troops Pullout; May Be Trumps Last Gift To Putin”, the article goes on to nitpick the “economic damages” and the NATO funding. Not a single word on how this is some kind of “gift” to “Putin”. But they write the headlines, the heck with the truth.

Kind of the same: Last week the governor and the mayor shut down all the bars in Honolulu because 2 bars were responsible for 12 covid-19 cases. That same weekend there were 43 people infected at a funeral, no the funeral parlors have not been closed. That weekend 2 men were killed in a speed and dui involved traffic accident. Using the gov and mayor’s reasoning, we should stop everyone from driving for the next 3 weeks.

Yeah, sure: Many places are trying to limit gatherings to 10, 20, or 50 people. Sturgis, S.D. is trying to tell an estimated 250,000 bikers, “We don’t want you this year.” The 9 days of the bike rally is what keeps the city afloat the whole year. This year, the year of the covid pandemic, even the full time residents are more than a little worried. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Use their rules: I think that every “peaceful protester” that is identified, should be doxed or outed to the public, then counter-protesters should go over and pay them an after-hours visit. You know, that the “p-p” have done to the Seattle chief of police, the Seattle mayor, the L.A. mayor, and others. Maybe start a protest on their front lawn at 5 am like they did the L.A. District Attorney. Think they would still be “peaceful”?

Nostril news: Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato has been approved as the first antidepressant for actively suicidal people, as doctors are becoming increasingly concerned about COVID-19’s effect on the mental health of Americans. The Food and Drug Administration approval means the quick-acting nasal spray will be available to people with suicidal thoughts and a plan to put them into action. The last time I put anything up my nose that made me feel good was….never mind.

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