Is It Friday Yet…Nope Motes

Sure it is: “Communication is the key to all things.” Sure, remind her of that next time she says, “I don’t want to talk about it.” See how far that gets you.

It depends on the exchange rate: Zimbabwe’s government signed an agreement Wednesday worth $3.5 billion to compensate white farmers who were evicted from their land during a controversial and often violent land redistribution program in the early 2000s under former President Robert Mugabe. A check of the current exchange rate 3.5 billion Zimba’s is about nineteen bucks U.S.(Actually 1 zd = .0027us). Zimbabwe actually has a “0ne Hundred Trillion Dollar” bill.

Not watching this either: Liam Neeson stars in the upcoming action thriller as “former Marine and demolitions expert Tom Carter”, nicknamed the “In and Out Bandit.” In 2015, after several very successful movies featuring a great deal of gunplay, Neeson called gun ownership in America a “f–ing disgrace” while speaking in Dubai to promote the gun-packed vigilante film “Taken 3.” The Irish-born actor declared, “There are too many f–ing guns out there, especially in America. I think the population is, like, 320 million? There are over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a f–ing disgrace,” said Mr. Neeson. Hey Liam,I think it’s a disgrace that you can be such a hypocrite while stuffing your pockets.

Virus nutz: A woman who has worked at a bakery for 44 years has been sacked after allowing elderly customers without cards to pay in cash during the coronavirus pandemic. Megan Metcalfe, 60, was given her marching orders by Birds Bakery in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Notts, after it stopped accepting cash for hygiene reasons. It comes just days after a 94-year-old woman was told she couldn’t buy bread from Birds bakery because she didn’t have a bank card. Metcalfe took the cash, then paid for the goods on her own card. She says she did it out of concern for the elderly customers. Kind of torn on this one. Maybe she should have cleared it with management before she did it.

I gotta ask,; Is everybody in the freakin’ world off their med’s or is it just me?

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