Mid-Week Motes

Now they’re coming for your picture: The “holier than thou” left is now coming for your picture. They want Dodger Stadium to remove Mary Hart’s picture from the front row because, oh the horrors of it all, she flashed the “okay” sign at a Trump rally and that makes it a white power sign. After 60 or 70 years I thought it meant “okay”, but what do I know.

Watch what happens in the background: People love to point out how much obstruction there is to “everything” President Trump is trying to do, don’t believe it. While everyone is talking about the riots, the protests, the President is getting stuff done. His latest, and an important one for me, are the “Executive Orders” regarding the prices of prescription medication and trying to eliminate the middlemen brokers that jack-up the prices with every breath. Well done sir, well done.

They just don’t listen: A Black Lives Matter protestor shot and killed in Austin, Texas, Saturday has been identified as Garrett Foster, and his mom says he was pushing his quadruple-amputee fiancee’s wheelchair before he was gunned down. A man who “plowed” his vehicle into protesters shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday. Foster pulled out a rifle and approached the driver, at which point the motorist gunned him down, police have said. Note the words used, “pushing his quadruple-amputee”. No, he was approaching a vehicle with a rifle in his hands. “A man plowed his vehicle”, there is no evidence it was an intentional movement. When the crowd surges around you, you try to drive out. When a man approaches your car with a gun you shoot him. You don’t bring your wheelchair-bound fiancée to a crowd when you’re carrying a gun. Don’t go to stupid places etc.

Just asking for a friend: Has BLM helped one black person get a job or an education? Have they helped clean up one city? Built any rec centers? Have they really helped any blacks at all? Just asking.

WTF: At least 7 soldiers stationed at Fort Hood have died or been found dead since March, including one who took his life after becoming a suspect in a female soldier’s death’. There have been 23 deaths this year among the post’s 36,500 soldiers, Fort Hood officials told CNN in a statement. According to officials, the deaths include seven off-duty accidents; seven suicides; one combat-related death; four homicides, one of which was on the base; two of natural causes; one that was undetermined pending an autopsy; and one drowning. There is something wrong here. These numbers are huge and way out of line.

The U.N. has “ordered” President Trump to cease his federal intervention into the nationwide ” protests”. Yeah that’s going to work. To paraphrase Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, ” I see a man in a blue helmet”, well you know the rest.

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