Tuesday With A Mote

The very best: The greatest headline I’ve ever seen; (pjmedia) Hilary Clinton is the Herpes of American Politics”. Don’t care what the story says, that headline says everything.

You gotta learn the rules: Three members of the black-led pro-gun organization “Not F–king Around Coalition” were struck by friendly fire in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday while protesting the police shooting of Breonna Taylor, according to reports. Shots were fired around 1 p.m. in Louisville’s Baxter Park, police said. Police attributed the shots to an “accidental discharge.” All three victims managed to survive with non-life-threatening injuries. Rules? “Keep your finger off the trigger”.

Sad news:Sorry to hear of the passing of John Saxon, 83. An actor from the 50’s and on until the 2000”s I remember him for “Enter The Dragon: and “The Appaloosa”. He was one of Bruce Lee’s personal students. His talent and he, will be missed.

What will it look like: If you want to know what cities will look like if the defund the police? Just watch Seattle. Cops there have basically thrown up their hands, said “no mas”, and told the people “you’re on your own”. Let’s see what happens. Pssst, it won’t be pretty.

Keep on trucking:If you’re surrounded by a “mob” and are tempted to stop because you don’t want to hurt anyone, remember Reginald Denny. A victim dragged from his vehicle and beaten by “peaceful protesters” during the 1992 LA riots for the crime of being a white man that stopped his truck to avoid hurting someone. As a result of the injuries he suffered during the attacks, Denny had to undergo years of rehabilitative therapy, and his speech and ability to walk were also damaged. Don’t stop, sort it out with the cops and insurance people, later, at home, when you and your family are safe.

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