Monday Motes With Passion.

I admire your concept of “peaceful”; At least three federal agents who were sent to Portland to keep federal building secure, as their job, have been rendered permanently blind. Others have been impaled by nails, shot with high-powered pellets, and had “professional grade” fireworks discharged. Yea, I admire your definition of “peaceful”.

Not just TSA smelling your crotch: Dogs have smell receptors up to 10,000 times more powerful and accurate than humans. That allows certain trained dogs to sniff out diseases like cancer, malaria and viral infections. Now, according to German researchers, trained dogs can sniff out coronavirus infections.

Farnham’s law : Many of the MSM are lamenting all the “peaceful protesters” that have been injured, and “maimed” by the use of “less-lethal” means. Just to sort of remind you, if you are stupid enough to be at a location and involved in something that requires these means to be used, it’s on you.
Don’t do stupid things….Don’t go to stupid places…..Don’t associate with stupid people….

Sad news;Good words:
Last week a friend of mine got up one morning, drove into the forest, and shot himself in the head. He was a fine young man, an excellent chess player, but I guess I didn’t see far enough below the surface. Upon hearing of the incident another friend wrote “There’s a world of hurt out there and not much is being done to deal with the pressure, stress, and heartache. He will be missed.” Good words. I know many people whose only “social” contact comes from their local bar and this whole “in place” is exacerbating the loneliness they feel.

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