It’s Friday, Hooray…….

Just asking: Does the Mayor of Chicago really look like a zombie, or do the news outlet’s just use that picture? Just asking.

NO. I am not watching “baseball”: It’s no longer a game or sport, but a political show. If NBA plays the “black national anthem” or “take a knee”, I won’t be watching that. And football is dead. I’ll probably end up watching the pro-bowlers tour.

A real bad azz: The picture of the 20ish black dude kneeling on the neck of his white girlfriends 2-year-old son is making the rounds of everywhere but the MSM. This dude thinks he’s bad as another person holds the diapered child’s hands behind him. If he wants to try that on an old white guy, I’d probably buy him a ticket to Hawaii to look me up. It would be a one-way trip. Promise. I have read the child has been taken away from “mom” and now stays with Dad and Grandma. Obviously now Arizona.(see below)

Headline: Seen in “pjmedia”, “Will there be another ‘Kent State?’ I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” but rather a “when”. With seemingly endless days of “peaceful protests” resulting in the injuries of dozens of police officers, security personnel, and federal officers it is only a matter of time. Protesters are throwing incendiary devices into occupied buildings, and shooting “fireworks” at standing officers, it’s going to happen. I’ve seen what happens when everyone is on edge and someone makes that first shot. It will not “like” Kent State, there were only 4 deaths and 9 injured. When this one goes, it will be a lot worse. I truly hope I’m wrong on this.

This is a WTF were they thinking moment: Multiple employees of the Arizona Department of Child Safety lost their jobs for wearing T-shirts that read “Professional kidnapper,” according to a report. The bright pink shirts that were apparently worn during work hours led to the firing of several staffers last month, the Arizona Republic reports, citing multiple sources in the agency’s Prescott field office and a former unit supervisor. The back of the shirts, according to photos obtained by the newspaper, read: “Do you know where your children are?” The question now is; do you know where your next job will be?

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