It’s Almost Friday :)

There’s something wrong with me: Shetara Sims, from Kansas City, MO, found a dollar in a parking lot of a grocery store and used it to buy a scratch off lottery ticket. Sims won $100, but instead of using the money to take care of her family, her daughter Rakiya suggested that they give the money to a police officer who had been shot on July 2 and was still in intensive care. The rest of the story will warm your heart and “show the way to healing”. But me? The first thing I think ; you’re broke, you find a dollar, and you buy a “lottery ticket”, not something for your child to eat. What the f is wrong with you?

Something to think about: If the mob outside can take over a police station and burn it to the ground, what stops them from doing it to your home?

The jokes write themselves: Hulu is developing a series “Rodham”, a world in which Hilary doesn’t marry Bill. Oh wow, I can’t …..I think I just threw up.

Yes, let’s make them a plea deal : Trio arrested for triple murder. The ring leader, 27 years old, has a background that shows…230 PRIOR FELONY ARRESTS.

Just what they want to hear: Biden has said some really Stupid (with a capital S) stuff but this has to be right there at the top. He recently said the U.S. (America) schools should ramp up “Islamic Faith Study” in all public schools. He does not give a rats azz about you or your kids, or this country. His handlers just want to win.

It’s Almost Friday

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