Tuesday Motes, A New Week.

Sorry about yesterday. I’ve been really busy with work and dealing with the loss. Thanks for hanging around.

This is journalism: A recent article, reprinted in the Honolulu newspaper from the NYT, described Joe Biden as someone whose “sensibility was nurtured by his working class family”, his worldview “seems to come mainly from lived experience”, and “everybody says Biden is a moderate”. Are we talking about the Joe Biden that is running for president? That Joe Biden graduated from law school in 1969 and started in politics in 1970. So for the last 50 years has not held a real job, so much for “lived experience”. And No, “everybody” doesn’t know Joe is a “moderate”. Nobody calls him a moderate. (see what I did there?)

Sad Salute: Sorry to hear of the passing of my beat partner and desk sergeant Gary Dias, Honolulu Police Department, Major, retired. I we worked stake-outs and patrol together, and for several years he was my Desk sergeant. He was a good officer, a tenacious investigator, and good friend. He will be missed.

Huh: PJ is being critical by saying “New York Times Falsely Claims Mohammed Would Deplore Conversion Of Haiga Sophia to a mosque”. How can anyone claim the NYT, or anyone, is false when they are expressing an opinion of the thoughts of a guy dead 1400 years? Come on people, a little sense would go a long way here.

Smoke,there is fire: There are a lot of people that say the whole “George Soros” thing is nothing more than a “conspiracy” answer this, how come his name and organizations keep coming up as funding political races in places, cities, county’s, and states where he has never been, lived, or even visited? I always believed if there’s smoke, there’s probably a fire.

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