Friday Motes With A Dash

Makes me want to run right out and read it : “The Orwellian Dystopia of Robin DiAngelo’s PhD Dissertation.”(instapundit) Actually, I fell asleep reading the title.

Not seeing this in the MSM: Washington state Police Officer Jonathan Shoop was murdered on Monday night and his partner was shot and injured following a pursuit of a vehicle that ended in a pedestrian being stuck. The killer, Henry E. Washington, got out of his car and began firing at the police officers killing one and injuring the second officer. Officer Jonathan Shoop was killed in the attack. Washington has several photos of guns and money on his Facebook page. Henry is a Black Lives Matter activist from Arizona who was in Washington state at the time. Washington’s mother posted on Facebook that her son killed a cop and was “asking for prayers”. I hope her son gets everything he has earned.

Idea: How about we rename the Washington “Redskins” to the Washington “Condoms”? Since they’re always trying to cover stuff up. 🙂

Just waiting: A man won $2 million playing the lottery in suburban Detroit. The kicker, he was given the wrong ticket by the clerk. He was trying to but a $10 dollar ticket, but the clerk gave him a $20 ticket. He decided to keep it and gave the clerk another $10. How long do you think it will be before the clerk files suit demanding half the winnings? I say within 30 days.
Just asking: Am I allowed to be offended by anything?

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