Thursday Motes For Discussion

Headline: “Approximately 30 people with COVID-19 are now hospitalized in Hawaii”, the state Health Department revealed Monday. Two COVID-19 patients at Queen’s are in intensive care, while the other 14 are non-ICU patients. Let’s see, 14 plus 2 equals 16. Yeah, that’s approximately 30.

Polls: Remember, polls show whatever the people that hired the pollsters want it to show. Getting the answer you want is only a matter of how you phrase the question and where you ask it. So, when the polls show this or that, it’s because that’s what “they” want it to show.

DeBlasio is a tool
: Painting “Black Lives Matter” in giant letters on the street in front of the New York Trump hotel is not a “unifying” action. It is a blatant political move, does not better anyone in the city, state, or country, and achieves nothing but embarrassment to the residents.

Maybe: Is it just because I’m a former cop, that I see the current riots and marches as a new form of “protection” racket? “Do what we want, or we’ll riot, burn and loot.” Oh, and don’t forget your tax deductible “contribution” to our “charity” or “non-profit” organization.

We can’t execute him, he’s unwell: The execution of Wesley Ira Purkey has been halted because he is mentally un-well. Purkey was convicted of killing of 16-year-old Jennifer Long in Kansas City, Missouri. He raped and stabbed her, dismembered her with a chainsaw, burned her, then dumped her ashes 200 miles away in a septic pond in Kansas (and now they worry about his mental health?) Purkey’s lawyers argue, in recent filings, that he suffers from advancing Alzheimer’s disease. His dementia has progressed, he no longer has a rational understanding of why the government plans to execute him. I don’t care if he understands,he was tried and convicted. Period. I’m pretty sure Jennifer didn’t understand what was happening either, and she is still dead.

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