Sunday Rant

One of the many blogsites I visit daily is “Bayou Renaissance Man”. On 7/7 he posted the below, and much much more. But these paragraphs giver a clear indication that I’m not the only one that wonders about all these “spontaneous” protests. Go to, 7.7 and read the whole thing. You won’t be sorry.

If you look at the wave of unrest and demonstrations that have swept across this country with lightning speed over the past six weeks since the death of George Floyd, a number of things become very, very clear.

These were and are not spontaneous demonstrations. There’s far too much evidence of careful organization and preparation, from pre-positioning riot materials like bricks, to organizing the demonstrations with outriders signaling where the police were (and weren’t), “colonels” directing operations, different groups of people performing different tasks to keep the pot boiling, etc. The simultaneous outbreak of such riots in literally hundreds of cities is, in itself, irrefutable evidence of organization. Who is behind them? Who prepared all this months, if not years, in advance, ready to take advantage of any suitable pretext to unleash havoc upon this country?

That level of organization demands major funding. We’re not talking a few hundred here and a few thousand there: we’re talking tens, if not hundreds of millions, to train organizers, buy equipment (noticed how many of the riot organizers were wearing earpieces and throat microphones, leading to radios operating on common frequencies, and frequently encrypted? The police certainly have.) Who has enough money to provide that level of funding? Why would they do so, so far in advance of the “need”, unless they expected to get a return on that investment?

This organized chaos also demands a level of prearranged coordination with other power centers such as political parties, news media, social media, etc. Notice how, the instant the riots erupted, there were journalists, TV stations, newspapers, etc. all ready to report on them, publicize their grievances, and pummel America with propaganda about their cause? Notice how politicians on the left immediately fell into lockstep in their response, all parroting the same pablum for public consumption? Notice how many left-wing administrations in cities and states actively sought to promote the rioters’ agenda, and restrained law enforcement from moving against them? Again, that level of coordination implies a much higher level of command and control than mere happenstance could explain – so who’s providing it?

As our old friend Arte Johnson used to say; “Very intresting…”

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