Tuesday Down The Road Motes

Where the rubber meets the road: We cannot praise the St. Louis husband and wife that protected their home with firearms after the “peaceful protesters” tore down a locked entry gate and marched down a private street, and then condemn the Oklahoma man that shot a woman for stealing a “Nazi” flag from his yard. Freedom of speech and the Bill of Rights, means that no matter how abhorrent the speech or action, we must protect them equally. If the shooting was legal, we must speak up in his defense, even though the subject, protection of a Nazi flag, makes us want to puke. If the shooting was illegal, he should face judgement for that, and that only, not for the defense of his property. I will be criticized for this stance, I will be called a “Nazi lover” and probably much worse, but I will not be a hypocrite. He has as much right to defend his home and belongings as the St. Louis couple have to defend theirs, within the law.

Sad Good-Bye: If you’re anywhere near my age, you remember sitting down to watch “MASH” every week. It had that catchy lively opening music that seemed not to match the often-somber storylines. Recently the composer of that piece, and many others, Johnny Mandel passed at age 94. He won Oscar’s, Tony’s, and Emmy’s for his music. In case you didn’t know, the title for the MASH opening song is “Suicide Is Painless”. His talent and music will be missed.

It’s a personality thing: Says something about me when I have to keep reminding myself “rpg” stands for “role playing game” and not always “rocket propelled grenade”.

We are watching: “London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is currently hiring so-called ‘racism spotters’ to examine whether prospective police officers are prejudiced, as the city’s leftist mayor, Sadiq Khan, prepares to cut the budget of actual police.” I wonder if they are anything like the old “Political Commissar” the USSR’s NVD used to plant everywhere. You know, professional snitches.

Things that make you say, HUH: University of California scientests have developed an glove that will translate “American Sign Language” into actual speech. ?? Why don’t you listen to the person making the speech? What’s next? Oh, I know, let’s transcribe all the audio books so those that are hard of hearing can see the words.

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