Timely Rant – DTI

It appears to me this is as timely now as it was 6 YEARS ago. Some things don’t change, they just get worse.

22 Jan 14

Three days ago, the governor of the State of NY actually said, out loud:

“… if that’s who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives,
they have no place in the state of New York”

So, what are you going to do with all those pesky conservatives, who dare
to think independently, Governor? Round them up and herd them all into gas

I better not say that too loud, as I’m sure he would love to!

With personal degradation becoming the norm of modern politics, it may be
well to remind us all of something:

I’m an American citizen, and I can be a “bigot” if I want! Being ”
bigoted” is not a crime, although the governor would sincerely like to make it

For example, as an American, it is okay if you don’t buy-off on “global
warming,” (now “climate change,” because leftists don’t want to look silly
when it becomes obvious that the planet is actually entering a new Ice
Age). And, it is okay when you want to own a military rifle (and still can in
most parts of America). And, it is even okay when you sincerely believe
homosexuality to be a disease, and people so infected should realize they’re
sick, and should want to be well!

The foregoing may be all BS, but, as an American, you get to believe
anything you want, and you get to articulate your beliefs without fear of the
governor’s “thought police” dragging you off to a gulag.

What makes this governor’s comments, and comments of most leftist
Democrats, so scary is that they are declaring all who disagree with them to be

enemies of humanity!”

We all wonder what fate awaits all these “enemies of humanity” Joe Stalin
used the same term to describe his detractors, and we know what happened to

Used with permission from John Farnham and DTI.

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