Thursday One-Liner Motes

Fasten your seal-belt please: As many as a third the pilots in the Pakistan International Airlines have phony license’s. Think of that the next time you hear, “This is your Captain speaking”.

Let’s make a deal: Blackmail is such an ugly term, I prefer “extortionary bargaining”.

No, Joe Biden: H1-B visa holders did not “build this country.” Hard working, tax paying, Americans built this country. Something you know nothing about. Does anybody really think Biden will be “the” president, even if he’s elected? That would be like electing Howdy Dowdy, someone else will always be pulling the strings.

Bernie wants to spend more of your money: The pandemic spreads. “One way to help save lives and prevent illness is for Congress to pass my amendment which calls for the production and distribution of free, high-quality masks for every American household,” Sanders said. Would that include “non-American” households? Why not free masks for the world?

Two party system: Why is the Hawaii Republican party so quiet? There is 1 telephone number listed, and no names. Why? Well, the Hawaii national vote is meaningless. By the time Hawaii voting is close, the national winners are already being announced. Hawaii Electoral votes go to the Democrat candidate. As far as local votes, remember the standing nail gets hammered. Wither anyone wants to admit it or not, it’s better for a Hawaii businessman to come out as a “furry” than it is to come out as a Republican. To be a Republican Candidate, you need to be completely $$ independent, or not really a “Republican”.

Congratulations to all: After months of delayed naturalization ceremonies due to the Chinese coronavirus crisis, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency has restarted the “swearing in” ceremonies. So far this month, at least 2,000 immigrants were naturalized. Well done all. Well done.

Masks are not about health and safety, it’s ALL about power.

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