Wednesday Mote With Meaning

Unasked Question: During these few weeks of “unrest”, statues toppled, monuments defaced, and churches burned, supposedly much of this is the work of “white supremacist”, because the BLM/Antifa folks are all non-violent so it had to be disgruntled whites. Someone has to ask how many mosques have been defaced, burned, or destroyed? I can’t find a report of a single incident. I can find lots of Christian Churches damaged, a few synagogues, but not 1 single mosque. I thought it was about white hatred.

Just asking: How come, with all the recorded video, nobody from CHAZ or Chomp, are being Arrested and charged with, anything? Move in, drive the legal owner out, destroy the property, and then just walk away.

We’re different: Once again Hawaii politicians show they will only enforce those things they agree with. The Honolulu police chief does not agree with all of the proposed changes expected to pass in upcoming state Legislature police reform bills. Chief Susan Ballard said she does not believe all the measures required to comply with a presidential executive order are necessary. So, since we do not agree, we won’t enforce the President’s executive order.

Not a two-way thing: All these white actors are falling all over themselves because they appeared, or acted, in “blackface”. What about black actors that have appeared in “white face”? How come none of them are gnashing and wailing? Because it’s not a 2 way street.

Funny, yeah: I’ve been reading the “profiles” on all the candidates here in Hawaii. I never knew there were so many “nonpartisan” politicians here. It’s like nobody was to be associated with a specific party, even when they’re known lifelong party members. And again, the usual “ghost” campaigns are in full swing. I call the “ghost” because nobody says what they stand for, what they’re going to do, or what makes them different from the other candidates.



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