Trying Tuesday Motes

Really: Racial and ethnic terrorism, particularly white supremacist threats, are “on the rise and spreading geographically” according to a State Department report released Wednesday. “The threat posed by racially or ethnically motivated terrorism (REMT), particularly white supremacist terrorism, remained a serious challenge for the global community,” the report reads. Now that makes sense, after all, most of the people you see pulling down statues and taunting cops, are young whites. Otherwise, this just sounds stupid.

Silly me: The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association said Wednesday that dealing with racial matters will be a shared goal during the resumed season. The league and union announced they will “take collective action to combat systemic racism and promote social justice” when the season restarts. Silly me, I thought they played basketball for the entertainment of the fans.

I could join these guys: From; ‘Cut Red Tape Coalition’ Piling Up Deregulation Wins While Flying Under Washington’s Political Radar. Reminds me of the Hank Williams Jr. song, “The Coalition To Ban Collations’.” Another good idea.

A pretty good watch: Watched the Netflix, “The Stand At Paxton County”, claimed to be based “on actual events”. Normally such movies have barely any resemblance the actual events, this one is not so. These events actually took place on a Gladstone, N.D., ranch owned by Gary Dassinger. Gary, along with his daughter, Missy, faced the unthinkable when a hired man staged photos of neglect and abuse and made a report to authorities. With leads, Jacqueline Toboni, Christopher McDonald, and Michael O’Neill it is a tight well told story and movie. Especially to someone who, like myself, decry the lengths some organizations will go to, to destroy those over whom they claim moral superiority. A thoroughly engrossing 1 hour 44 minutes I recommend it be watched.

I’m surprised the police department hasn’t called me to return, just so they could fire me. Again.
Can I watch?? 🙂



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