Friday Motes Just In Case

Just a note: I live on the 11th floor. If your car radio is audible and rattles my dishes, YOUR RADIO IS TOO DAMN LOUD.

About average: It has come out that the BLM is incredibly well funded and only spends about 6% of its income on its stated purpose. The rest goes for “expenses” and “salaries”. Research shows that most “charities” spend less than 15% of their income on the actual “charity”. Remember that the next time you get another “donate now” letter.

Quote Curly Bill : Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill claims that he will not play football at the school unless the State of Mississippi removes the Confederate battle flag from its state banner. If this young person, he certainly is not a man to me, thinks he is more important that a 126-year-old state flag is ludicrous. To him I quote Curly Bill Brocious, “Well, Bye.”

The irony is deep: Long time porn “star” Ron Jeremy has been brought up on several rape and assault charges. Considering his only claim to fame, the irony is just too deep.

I literally never exaggerate: Rob Reiner is back to his old tricks, this time telling his one million Twitter followers on Tuesday that a vote for President Donald Trump “is a vote for Death.” Reiner then predicted that Trump will lose in a landslide “because Americans will literally be voting for their lives.” Come on Rob, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

Even Hollywierder: The View co-host Joy Behar admitted coronavirus restrictions are making (?) her crazy. “All I do is I get in my car maybe with Steve and I go, we go around town looking for people who are not wearing masks. Jealous of my life? That’s it. That’s what I do.” There’s no telling what Behar does once she finds someone not wearing a mask, but judging by her comment she’s going crazy, it’s probably not a very sane reaction. But defund the police and hire a liberal.

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