Tiny Tuesday Motes

Whopee: Congratulations, you’ve managed to disarm “Elmer Fudd” and “Yosemite Sam”. Good job. Oh, and you’ve banned a cartoon police puppy. Your family must be so proud.

Not just no: From The Gateway Pundit, “Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy appeared at Passion City Church in Atlanta on Sunday where he shined the shoes of a black man, Christian rapper and music business owner Lecrae to atone for racism and urged other white people to do the same.” Considering how much crap Chick-fil-A has taken for the owners Christian beliefs, I believe this is a manifestation of the owners beliefs. Those are not mine. I don’t wash the feet of the lepers either.

Makes me wonder: Why is it every dead thug, bum, and pissant is “remembered” as a kind, warm, family man? How come the neighbors never tell you about the drunken confrontations they had with the deceased? Why doesn’t the family member tell us about the time he threw them through a window, that was closed? The children never speak about the black eye’s they went to school and had to explain “I fell”? The “loving” wife never tells the newspaper about the 6 times he put her in the ER? Let’s stop making “saints” out of these people, maybe we should subject their past to the same scrutiny we seem to be doing to everyone else.

Why bring it up?:The University of Florida has said students, bands, etc. can no longer do the “Gator Chomp”, an extended arm clap to resemble the elongated snout of a alligator. The school says it’s a “racist” thing, but nobody seems to know how or why. Well, I grew up with a racist father. Most of his circle of “friends” were the same. The “N” word and such were often used in my house. One of his friends, Charley, was as bad or worse than the rest. Charley taught his daughters that blacks (N’s to him), something to be towed behind your boat to attract alligators. Or,in his words, “Gator Bait”. It’s kind of good to know that so very few people actually remember this. My question, why bring it up again? Leave it dead.

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