Sunday “Rant”

In my time, I have probably “choked out” 5-6 hundred people. Once they went out, they were cuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle. I’ve also taken a few people out as a civilian, and once they went out, they were moved safely to the side, except for one that was placed gently into a dumpster, and that was the end. Nobody ever died or suffered additional injuries, unlike those that I was forced to “subdue” by other means. They got injured more times than not. If you fight, you get hurt. But, if they’re in cuffs, you stop. I once took a 1 day suspension when a Lieutenant saw me punch another officer. The officer had struck my prisoner, who was subdued and cuffed. The Lieutenant only saw my punch. Had I chosen to tell the Lieutenant why I hit the other cop, that cop could have been fired. I stated it was a personal problem between me and the other officer, and he quickly agreed. I took “the day”, but the other officer never laid a hand on one of my prisoners again.I accepted responsibility for my actions, he didn’t. Fine with me.
Once they are under control, as in unconscious or restrained, it’s your job to protect them. If you can’t, you’re in the wrong profession. I never had a Internal Affairs “excessive force” complaint substantiated, but have seen plenty of it. I also didn’t care whose brother’s uncle’s sister’s best friend’s third cousin somebody was, if it was called for, they got arrested.
No point here, just sayin’. Did I do things I’m not proud of? Yes. Would I do the same thing now? Don’t know. As long as you have to hire human being’s as cops, you’re gonna get racism, prejudice, and special treatments. It’s just human nature.

2 thoughts on “Sunday “Rant”

    1. Thanks for the comment. And I agree, they should be above that.  But as I said, you’re dealing with humans. A great book Signal Zero, shows what sometimes happens.Again, thank you for reading, and thank you for your comment. Stay safe.Storyteller Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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