Almost Friday Motes

How quickly they forget: Driving yesterday, I saw a mural on a building front. Two massive pictures of Martin L. King, and Malcom X with the words “Stop Racism”. Everyone seems to forget Malcom X was not “peaceful” and from his adoption of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X promoted the Nation’s teachings. These included beliefs: that black people are the original people of the world; that white people are “devils”; that blacks are superior to whites, and that the demise of the white race is imminent. Seems pretty “racist” to me.

Sad Good-bye: A good family film is “A Street Cat Named Bob”. A good story of a man’s rescue by a homeless cat who became his friend. James Bowen, a recovering addict, first met Bob in 2007 when he found him abandoned and injured. He went on to take care of the cat and they quickly became inseparable. Bowen’s first book, A Street Cat Named Bob, which told his and Bob’s story, was published in 2017. Bob has past at the age of 14. He now plays at the rainbow bridge. He will be missed by many.

The drink, not the powder: Do you like coke? You’re a racist. It was invented by John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888) an American biochemist and Confederate States Army veteran. He suffered from a sabre wound sustained in April 1865, during the Battle of Columbus; his ensuing morphine addiction led him to experiment with various painkillers and toxins. In the end, this led to the recipe that later was adapted to make Coca-Cola. Ooops.

Just a reminder: If you don’t like what is on the television, Cops, Live PD, My Friend Flicka, or whatever, just remember that remote has an OFF switch. Just freaking turn it off. It ain’t rocket science.

It’s not the man, it’s the job: Many people are espousing the “only a racist” want to become a cop. In 1977 a Professor named George Kirkham taught criminology at Florida State. He had never been a police officer, only an academic. He was challenged by one of his student, a street cop, that all the theory’s in the world go out the window when the crap hit the fan on the street. Kirkham decided to take the challenge and, not taking any shortcuts, became a police officer. The experience resulted in “Signal Zero”, a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate, it also blew his academic theories sky-high. “What happened in those months,” he writes, “made it impossible for me ever again to view the policeman’s world from the detached perspective of a social scientist.” I read this book during my own U of H classes and it had a profound effect on my actions as a police officer. And how I viewed the job. It is available from Amazon.

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