Wednesday Motes For Thought

One thing for sure, I have never been accused of being a racist. In 1970, as a white cop in Honolulu, I was the minority.

Once in a while: Have you ever met someone, and immediately felt sorry for their dog?

Just my thought: I’m not a big pro-sports follower. My Mom is in the women’s wing in Cooperstown, but I am a mediocre player, at best. All this hoo-haha going on, just cancel all the season and games. Let the over-paid “athletes” sit out the pandemic and maybe they’ll learn the value of their fans.

Some more than others: With all the monuments being torn down, statues being toppled, and the Seattle takeover, I find it humorous that the 16 foot statue of Lenin, in the Freemont district of Seattle, still stands. Untouched. The Seattle protests started over one black man, Lenin was responsible for the deaths of over 1 MILLION people. Yeah, that’s the guy to praise.

No, it doesn’t: Does anything get more hypocritical then the “View”? During a recent discussion, Joy Behar calmly explained that there is a difference between people voluntarily protesting outside against police brutality and the Trump campaign inviting them into an indoor arena and “forcing” them to sign a waiver that says they won’t sue if they get sick. First, I do believe the signing of the waiver is voluntary. And second, the difference is at Trump rallies there is nothing burned down, no stores are looted, and nobody gets beaten up or killed.

Take your own advice: Kevin Bacon appearing on a recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the actor expressed that “old white men” like himself need to “shut up and listen” to the people trying to educate them on race. Hey Kevin, I enlisted in the military, I wore a badge for 15 years, and I’ve lived for over 70 years. You have been an actor. Sit down, and shut the fxxk up.

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