Little Tuesday Motes

Reminder: Don’t forget Justine Diamond and Mohammed Noor. Oh that’s right, only “Black Lives Matter”.

Yes, yes he did: Recently Hawaii governor Ige decided to “loosen” up the restrictions on inter-island travel. Well, his idea was to go from a one page “travel statement” to a 2 page “travel and health statement form”, that also wants to know my medical history, travel history, employment, e-mail, race, and gender. All this is not about health or safety. It Is About Power!

An another makes the list: Let’s add Stacy “Truth Don’t Matter” Abrams to the list of those who don’t care what the evidence shows. Her statement on the recent Atlanta shooting, on national television “A man was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-through. We know this is not an isolated occurance.” The program host did not challenge her version, ask for any proof, or in any way try to be “non-biased”. Well, we know the MSM is a joke. And this woman wants to be Vice-President. Ho. Oh hell No.

SDS: Our SDS (single digit salute .!..) goes to the governor of New Mexico who will not allow a veterans family to be at graveside when he is buried. Check the “Federalist”, 6/15 under the headline “New Mexico is open for restaurants, protests- but not for this lifelong Army family to bury Master Sgt. Velasquez”. To the governor, .!.. , salute.

In this modern world: The “three r’s” have been replaced with the “3 d’s”; deface, defund, and destroy.

Anyone, please: Can anyone explain to me why Hollywierd people seem to think their opinion or authority, is greater than the average American? I continuously read about some “star” “demanding” the President, mayor, governor, or what-have-you do “this” or “that” or the other thing. Where do they get the authority to “demand” anything from anybody? Supposedly, they have one vote just like I do. Is it money? Fame? Or just plain arrogance?

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