Friday Motes, Part 2, Merry Minuet, 2020

Lyrics by Storyteller
There are locusts in Africa
The world is aflame
Giant snakes are in Florida
And Trump is to blame

The whole world is swelling up
With people in pain
Cops kill another Black man
There’s rioting again

The cities are burning
The economy dies
The government is laughing
While America sits and cries

But we can be thankfull
That Trump is in charge
And All of our politicians
Are living quite large

Protests are burning
And tipping over cars
But Ige has the answer
By never opening up the bars

There are locusts in India
The Climate is blamed
The way we’re all acting
We should be ashamed

I’m off to Hilo for the weekend. Probably spend some time at “Woodford Reserve”. See you on Monday.

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