Friday Motes, Part 1

If it’s new, it’s old: Ebola in the Congo, locusts in India,the world is beginning to sound like an old folk song, the “Merry Minuet”. “The Merry Minuet,” written by Sheldon Harnick and popularized by the Kingston Trio in 1959.
They’re rioting in Africa,
They’re starving in Spain.
There’s hurricanes in Florida,
And Texas needs rain
The whole world is festering
With unhappy souls.
The French hate the Germans,
The Germans hate the Poles;
Italians hate Yugoslavs,
South Africans hate the Dutch,
And I don’t like anybody very much!
But we can be tranquil
And “thankfill” and proud,
For man’s been endowed
With a mushroom-shaped cloud.
And we know for certain
That some lovely day
Someone will set the spark off,
And we will all be blown away!
They’re rioting in Africa,
There’s strife in Iran.
What nature doesn’t do to us
Will be done by our fellow man

I’ll post my updated lyric’s later today.

The working man is screwed, again: The $600 weekly addition to unemployment is going away. So now, they want to give people an “incentive” to return to work. An incentive to return to work is the paycheck they’ll receive for working. The “working” man I referred to in this title are the men and women that have continued working and haven’t received anything “extra” and won’t receive an “incentive”. We should not reward anyone who decide it’s easier to stay on unemployment than to work, nor should we bribe others to return.

And he’s still a dummy:
CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta shouted at a question at President Donald Trump Monday evening, demanding to know if the United States is “still a democracy” after air and ground troops from the District of Columbia National Guard were deployed around the nation’s capital. Hey Jimmy, the answer is simple. Since you are still allowed to ask your stupid questions and make your unfounded accusations and aren’t locked up in some dark dank hole, yes, we’re still a “democracy” and you should know as you take full advantage of it.

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