Wednesday Motes

Some killings are more tragic than others: Does anyone remember when a Minneapolis police officer of color named Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Diamond, a white girl from Australia? He was charged after 7 months. He too had numerous prior complaints. Following her death by cop there were no riots. There was no looting. There was not even a mass protest.

: Why are Hollywierd elite’s bailing out looters and rioters? I can understand if they had been arrested for “protesting”. But looting And burning buildings that had nothing to do with the grievance is not protesting, it is criminal actions. Why, Hollywierd are you defending them?

Did you know: Chuck Norris, he of the badazz meme fame, has 5 children And 13 grandchildren.

To my “Instapundit” friend, Lillian Sweet, who just lost her husband; it will take time, but it will heal. Have strength, you have many friends you may count on.

Yes I do: I have a rather bleak view of the world. During the riots in Minneapolis many shops and buildings have been destroyed. It doesn’t matter who owned them, they’ve been destroyed. Now a number of the MSM are running the story of the “Black Business Owner Who Invested Life Savings Into Minneapolis Restaurant Weeps As Looters Destroy It. Korboi Balla, a local firefighter and black business owner in Minneapolis who invested his life savings into his restaurant ‘Scores Sports Bar’, has been reduced to tears as he weeps over looters destroying his dream business.” Just wait. In less than a week someone come will forward, help rebuild his bar, and get him “back on his feet”. I’m betting a sports figure. Let’s wait and see.
Update : The Go-Fund Me page now shows $1,039,080. as of 6/2. It’s been much less than a week, but I was wrong on the “who”.

Wrote it all off to the progress of man:
Mining giant Rio Tinto has apologized after blowing up a 46,000-year-old sacred indigenous site with dynamite to expand an Australian iron ore mine. The demolition went ahead on May 24 despite a seven-year battle by the local custodians of the land, the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura People, to protect the site. Aboriginal Corporation spokesman Burchell Hayes said in a statement Rio Tinto was told about the significance of the site multiple times since 2013. Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt said the “destruction should not have occurred. To me this would be an “easier to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission” scenario. The .gov will fine them a bunch of bucks, none of which the” Indigenous” people will see, and Rio Tinto will promise not to do it again, until the next time. I have no solutions here, only a heart full of pain for the loss.

ENOUGH…I am fed up. If I can’t find something other than the rioting, looting, and make believe protesting about “racism” and “antifa” and “coronavirus”, I’m just going to post stories.

Tv script or life : Ok, I know I promised, but this is just too interesting to not forward. Put on your tin foil hat and check this out.
Or go to, “Something Strange”, June 1.

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