Motes For Tuesday Consideration

A single digit salute: Our first ever “single digit salute”, forever to be known as the SDS (.!..) goes to “Myka Stauffer”. She claims to be a “You Tube star”, I call her, and by association her husband, a Piece of Shet. Two years ago they “adopted” an autistic Chinese baby boy. Now, they have decided to “rehome” the child to another “forever” family. Like some people do unwanted puppies. This is not a puppy, this is a human child. After using the child for two years to get subscribers on her “monetized” YouTube channel they have decided to “rehome” the child. Their reason, “there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of, and that we were not told”. What did they expect? So an SDS to Myka and James. Salute. .!..

A new breed: Or just a new name, “Thuggis Americanas,; those who riot and steal and do harm under the guise of social protest.”

Don’t need no stinkin’ proof: Ms. Taylor Swift, please provide one, just 1, example of President Trump “stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism.” “When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November.” Seems to me, he has done nothing to “stoke” the fires. Unlike those mentioned in the above mote.

OTOH: Kudo’s to the self-proclaimed “heavily armed red-necks” standing outside stores to prevent looting. What you won’t read in the MSM is some of those standing there are “people of color”. All of them said they do agree with the cause of the protest, but definitely don’t agree with the looting. If the MSM makes any mention at all, I’ll bet it will be slanted to fit “their” narrative. Prove me wrong.

From the “U.K.Sun”; A beer a day can help you live longer by protecting against insomnia, dementia and even OBESITY”. There, it’s science. It’s settled

Almost forgot; Happy Birthdays, to Tom Bereinger (The Last Of The Dogmen); Joe Willie Namath of the NFL; and a big Happy Number 90, to Clint Eastwood.

Watch your 6. Use situational awareness and stay aware. Do not seek confrontation. No not make threats. If you strike, strike hard, fast, then disengage. Don’t play their game, because to you it’s not a game.

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