Oh Crap, It’s Monday Motes

Number 1 with a bullet: In the month of April, at least 5 “rappers” were shot down. I guess even with the pandemic, the number 1 cause of rapper death is still homicide.

Make ‘em follow their own rules: Okay, “twitter” has decided to “fact check” President Trump’s “tweets”, Hollyweird rejoices. Let’s see if “twit” also fact checks Joe Biden, Stacy Abrams, or malicious Milano. I doubt even one of their tweets will be checked, or they will cherry pick which ones they follow-up on.

No excuses: As a former cop, I abhor what happened in Minneapolis. There should be an investigation, and if warranted, the persons involved tried and if convicted, dealt with harshly. I do want to make 2 distinct points. 1) Those involved must be given a fair trial, evidence submitted and judged by a jury of their peers. That is what our system of law is all about. If we presume the innocence of one, we must assume the innocence of all. 2) Nothing says protest like rioting, looting, and destruction of property.

There is always another choice, even if you don’t like it: Rapper Cardi B says the people who broke into and looted stores in Minnesota on Wednesday were left with “no choice” but to resort to violence and steal from stores in response to the death of George Floyd. In footage broadcast all across social media, protesters have seen looting stores and vandalizing places all over the city. Yet according to Cardi B, rioters were left with no choice but to resort to violence. This from the woman who once boasted of having drugged and robbed men “in order to survive” back in the days when she worked as a stripper.

Good To watch : Watched the mini-series “Grant”. There are some critics accusing it of “revisionist” history, others saying “finally the truth”. Me, I’m somewhere in the middle. But there is a lot of information about Grant I didn’t know, and on the whole it is totally worth recording and watching. That way you can skip all the damn commercial breaks, and there are a lot of them. But, in spite of being produced by Liberal DeCaprio, it is very entertaining. Give it a look

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