Whittling Friday Motes

Sad good-bye: After a 3 ½ day battle, the “Janus Cat” kitten named “Biscuits and Gravy” has died. He was born with 2 faces. Even though he had an incredibly short life, it was four times longer than the norm for this type of cat, known as a Janus cat after the Roman god with two faces – one looked into the past and one into the future. Biscuits and Gravy could “meow out of one mouth and eat out of the other.” Now, he plays at the rainbow bridge.

There will be no fraud: Federal and state prosecutors in West Virginia announced Tuesday that they had charged a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier with attempted fraud for allegedly tampering with requests for vote-by-mail absentee ballots.

Please explain: In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, veteran rapper and actor Ice Cube asked how much more “crime” must police officers commit against black Americans “before we strike back?” Please, someone, explain to me who are they going to strike back at? All cops? Just white cops? Maybe just men cops? Maybe just white men cops? And who gets to decide which white men cops? I’ll take any explanation.

Badass: A real hero is the U.S. sailor who stopped the Corpus Christi shooter. (Not much MSM coverage because the shooter wasn’t a white Trump supporter and to even mention he was Muslim is islamophobic.) Even after taking at least one round to the chest, which was stopped buy her ballistic vest, the sailor got off the ground and back into the fight. She managed to hit the alarm button which closed the gate, and that allowed security forces to then engage and defeat the shooter. Her name has been released, and a Farcebook posting has been proven false. She is still a badass and a hero to me. She got up, and never gave up.

PTSD, really: The International Labour Organisation has said young people are disproportionately being affected by the coronavirus health crisis. In a new report, the United Nations agency, warns there is a risk they could be scarred throughout their working lives. They could become what the report calls a “lockdown generation”. With this kind of “scaring” you’d think they’d been drafted and sent to Viet Nam right after high school, or something. They’ve been in “lockdown” for 60 to 70 days, not 13 months, or longer. Grow-up, put on your big person panties, and take a lesson from the sailor in the above mote.

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