Thursday Motes With A Picture

Great product: I’ve had a “Simpli Safe” security system for about 10 years. I cannot praise the product and the customer service enough. The product is easy to set-up, install and use, and expandable. I installed all own sensors, camera’s, and have found that any problems are settled with a call to the service center. If I ever move, the whole system comes with me as it is all wireless. It is the customer service that really shines. If you want a security system, there isn’t a better product or system on the market.

That toddling town: Ah Chicago, locked down like the rest of us, with gun laws almost unparalleled in their severity, still managed to shot 49 killing 10 in a single 3 day weekend. Maybe the cops can stop arresting people for “social distancing violations” and arrest somebody for, I don’t know, murder? Carrying a firearm’s? Shooing other people? You know, stuff like that.

In-friggin-credible: Just watched an old black and white recording of Bruce Lee playing ping pong. His opponent is using a regulation paddle and Lee is using a pair of nunchucks. And he beats the other guy. As I titled this, in-friggin-credible!!

You or me would do time: The Justice Department is dropping its investigations into controversial stock trades made by Sens. Kelly Loeffler, Dianne Feinstein and Jim Inhofe in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, their offices confirmed Tuesday.

More large pointy objects’. On the left is an original “John Ek Commando” from the late 80’s. The other one is a “Linton” small fighter.


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