Wednesday Middlin’ Motes

Just a guess: I expect a huge population boom in December, you know, 9 months after the lockdown started. In fact, Hawaii ranks 4th, out of 50, with “we’re expecting” notices. Everyone was “getting busy” there for a while. Me, I’m a New Year’s baby. Yep, September.

As I have said before: Hilary’s e-mails, Gen. Flints conviction, “Obamagate”, Biden’s extortion, FBI misconduct and malfeasance. Not one person involved will ever do any jail time. NOT ONE DAY!!!!

Yeah, that’s what we need: After seeing what she called “distrust” in government, career politician Colleen Hanabusa has decided to run for mayor of Honolulu. This woman spent 30 years in “labor law”,and has been in politics since 1998. Yeah, we really need her to run things, everything will be just the same. We need change, not another “professional politicritter”.

And another: The recent shooting shooting in Glendale Arizona was another “incel”. This one went out specifically to kill “couples”. Talk about people who’s bubble is off center. These people are just deranged.

If only:
Once again we are told about “Nigerian” con-men scamming the unemployment offices of several states out pof millions of $$ in benefits. If we could give them an education and a moral compass, if only.

How come: We haven’t heard anything from the “anti-fascists” antifa during this lockdown. Seems to me that all the unlawful “laws” the politicritters are forcing us to obey are really kind of fascist like, but where is the outrage? Oh, yeah, because it’s for the children, or for our safety, or because “we” can force you to “voluntarily” give up your rights. Well, that’s just because I’m a complainer.

Not my president: Brietbart headline; “Biden could be the most liberal president in history”. Never happen. Unless the democritic’s manage to steal this one.

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