Sunday Rant

During the lockdown I have managed to pay all my bills, keep food on the table, and pay for Julie’s med’s. I have not received a cent of “relief”. Yet, many are worried about helping the “undocumented” aliens and their families. “We must help them all”. Another name for undocumented is “illegal”. California, Washington, and others want to give them, the illegal aliens, relief money and help. People, what part of “ILLEGAL” is unclear? They are not supposed to be here. They are not American citizens so why are we giving them American tax money? And why the hell should I care about them? Okay, I’m a nice guy, and I do care about “the children”, but NOT at the cost of my family. Let’s take care of America, and American’s, first. Let’s get the country back on it’s feet. Let’s clear things up so I don’t have to carry 6 documents just to fly between islands or can go to a bar and talk with friends. Let’s open ALL the closed business’ and get those people back to work. FIRST. Let’s help the “mom and pop” stores that CAN’T open up because the lockdown destroyed their business and their life savings. Then let’s worry about “the children” and their “undocumented” parents.

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