Floating On Friday Motes

Not the right answer: I have spent a lot of my life chasing my dic around. A lot. There have been some stretches when I couldn’t get laid. In those times, I never blamed anyone but myself. Now there is a group that calls itself the “Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremist” (IMVE) movement commonly known as INCEL (involuntary celibate).” The incel movement is an online misogynist subculture of men fueled by a hatred of women, who the men believe are preventing them from having the sex they are entitled to.”(Buzzfeed) Entitled? I don’t think so bucko. The only thing a man is “entitled to”, is the breath in his lungs. So, now, you get this incel idiot in Toronto who decides his answer to “not getting any” is to go to a “massage parlor”. Not to get laid, but to use a sword (?) and kill one woman and injure 2 more. Not the answer. Not even close.

Don’t only read the headline: From the New York Post (Duh). “Missing, engaged couple were likely drinking,speeding before fatal wreck”. The lead would make you think they were “missing”. No, they are dead. They were found dead in the vehicle. They had been dead for 2 weeks before the police “found “them. Now the very last line in the article reveals the search started “due to a false ransom tip”. Seems that would lead to some serious questions.

Not news: The Navajo Nation is now reporting more coronavirus cases per capita than the states of New York and New Jersey, two of the hardest-hit areas in the country during the pandemic. You probably won’t see this reported much, after all, they’re just Indians.

Just Asking: How come, with all these Politicritters telling us we have to tighten our belt, cut back on our socializing with friends and family, and they will “probably” have to cut salaries for city and state and federal workers, how come none of them, start with cutting their salary? Just asking?

It’s “OZARK” that I’ve been watching. Sorry for the misspelling. And it’s really good.

Speaking of the way I’ve been spending my time, I’ve been reading the “Tales From The Gas Station” a “kindle” book. It is wickedly dark and extremely laugh out-loud funny. Great way to spend some time. I will read #2, it’s that good.

It’s Friday and I’m going home to Hilo for the 3-day weekend. Gonna spend some time loading some Bulleit and playing with the dogs. Instead of a Monday Mote, I’ve attached a “memory”. Stay safe and healthy.

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