Monday Motes of Note

So there: Howard Stern says he hates me. He says he hates everyone that voted for President Trump. Let me repeat that Howard, PRESIDENT TRUMP. By the way, I don’t like you very much either.

Huh?: I don’t get it. It’s okay to stand in line to shop at Costco or Walmart, just remember your social distancing, but not to vote. I’d rather stand in a line to vote than to pick up a box of doughnuts. And it is sure as hell more important. It is easier to “stuff the ballot box” by mail than it is if you have to show identification. To travel between island, or counties if you will, I have to show “accepted” id, a letter and paystub forom my employer, and the NAVFAC letter stating I’m an essential worker, but not to vote. Did I miss something here???

Disgusted: The Parkland FL sheriff’s sergeant who was fired after an investigation found that he hid behind his car during the 2018 mass shooting at a Parkland high school will have his job back His inaction caused deaths. Going toward the sound of gun fire is what you sign-up for, not hiding behind a car and not letting other officers do their job. Okay, re-instate him, give him the $$, and then retire the coward.

Lizard wrangling: First Florida had it’s python and anaconda infestation. Then the iguana plague. Now Georgia, the state not the country, in inundated with the Argentine black and white tegu lizard. The lizard can grow to 4 feet in length and weigh over 10 pounds, that’s a big lizard. And they can live up to 20 years. Hey, I wonder if you can use tegu instead of iguana, on a stick. And there’s still locust swarms in Africa.

Class act: The New York city police asked the NYC “Health Commissioner” for 500,000 face masks to continue doing their job. The commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot says she’d give them 50,000. Then says “I don’t give two rat’s asses about your cops. I need them for others.” Geez, I hope the people decide she shouldn’t be drawing whatever huge salary she is drawing.

“Stay at home” is no longer about health, it’s about power. I’m am beginning to think that “conspiracy theory” I talked about awhile back, it’s beginning to seem more and more Plausible.

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