Friday Motes With A Twang

Watch it: Just watched the Kevin James (King of Queens) short “Out of Touch”. Who would have expected something like this, from a liberal comic like James? It is certainly worth a few minutes of your time. And watch it with someone, or at the same time. It will give you something to really talk about. Promise.

Just another shovelful of dirt on the coffin: Let’s face it, CNN can no longer be considered anything other than an arm of left-wing politics. So now they have assembled a panel for “Coronavirus – Facts and Fears” and claim it is a panel of experts. One of those “experts” is Greta Thunberg. It’s unclear how a 17-year-old high school drop out is somehow an infectious disease expert qualified for CNN’s “expert” panel. Or actually qualified to talk about anything. Like I said, another shovel full of dirt. The body just hasn’t stopped breathing.

Also: And that fits right in with Touchy Joe Biden’s choice to chair his Climate Change Task force, that saucy ex-bartender turned great american (with a small a) A. Ocasio-Cortez. What she doesn’t know about climate change, and everything else, speaks volumes. It fact, it would take volumes to tell what she doesn’t know. Period.

Respect My authority: The people of Michigan are really tired of their governor acting like a petty tyrant, and all that does is make her mad. In protests and editorials, the “electorate” have told her they want the state opened. Her response is to call them “racist”, and “misogynistic”. And her decision is to show them who’s boss, she is, by stating “these protests, you know, in a perverse way make it likelier that we’re going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture.” In other words, you’ll stay in your room until you learn to do as you’re told. This is the same governor that stripped a 77-yeaar old barber of his business license when he had the audacity to open his shop. HIS SHOP. He hasn’t had a paycheck for 6 weeks. I bet she hasn’t missed any.

The religion of peace: Jihadis, primarily Afghan Taliban terrorists, have carried out nearly 100 attacks in 16 countries since the beginning of Ramadan at the end of last month. In the process they have killed at least 290 people while injuring 280 others in the first two weeks of the holiest month for Muslims. This included an attack on a hospital that killed mothers and their new borns. They should get to learn the old “SAC” slogan, “Peace thru’ superior firepower”. SAC wasn’t full of infants, but rather warriors.

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