Thursday Motes with An Edge

Backlash: After this virus thing is all over, let’s see how many citizens remember how angry they were over their govenpor’s “executive orders”, and vote them out. Hawaii don’t matter, he cant run for reelction anyway, but let’s see who he backs and how the people vote. Bet nothing changes.

Unintended results: New York city has just registered its 58th straight day without a pedrestian death. That is a record, for NYC, and one of those good results of the lockdown. I jusyt hope they don’t try to make up for it when the stay-at-home is lifted.

And another: The re-rise of the Drive-In theater. All over the country old drive-in’s are new again. With modern technology you can use your car’s sound system, actually better than my house, sit in comfort with social distancing, and enjoy the latest Hollytwierd production. And a cooler full of beer in the back seat don’t hurt either.

The best man for the job: Actor-comedian and professional Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell is backing Biden. That’s no real surprise. She has acknowledged that she has problems with Biden’s age, cognitive decline, and “some of the things in his reputation.” So you have to ask why she is supporting Joe Biden’s bid for the White House: “This is who we have.” Wow, now that’s a good reason.

No money, no honey: The governor of Hawaii sought to reassure state workers Tuesday, saying there is no “immediate need to consider pay cuts or furloughs” despite the gaping budget shortfall. Several weeks ago, his administration proposed pay cuts of up to 20% for state workers, pointing to plummeting tax revenues and the state’s dire economic forecast. I’ve got an idea. Ige, baby, start with your own salary. Why don’t all the officials take a 10 or 15 % pay cut for “the duration”. Start at the top.

Large, sharp, pointy objects from my collection. On the left is an early 70’s Randall #32 fighter with a nickel silver guard. The right is also and early 70’s, this one is a “Ralph Bone” #1 Fighter with brass crossguard and butt cap. I’ve owned both since 1973.


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