Sharp Edged Motes For Tuesday

Just the facts: It’s good to know we’re safe. Even though the Honolulu Police department is short of officers, and there aren’t enough to conduct follow-up investigations for burglary’s and stuff, they have managed to raid 17 massage parlors in the past 14 months. Now, I’m not too sure on just how 10 am raids on a massage parlor will affect the crime rate, but it does kind of show the police priorities. A 10 am raid doesn’t usually result arrests, so there isn’t much of that pesky paperwork. And they are great photo-op’s.

Some kind of record:
Toronto police recently stopped a 19 year-old driving Daddy’s car, a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, speeding. How fast? Well, the radar gun said “308 kmh”, or for us Americans, 191 mph. Holy crap! The kid’s license was suspended for 7 days, and the car impounded for the same length. Boy, that’ll teach ‘em.

Equal choice pandemic: Moisés Escamilla May, a notorious Mexican gang leader, has died in prison after contracting coronavirus. Escamilla, 45, was the leader of a group within the feared criminal cartel Los Zetas. He was serving a 37-year sentence for organized crime, including his role in the decapitation of 12 people in Yucatán. To save you the time, that’s 3 years per beheading, with an extra year for “organized crime”. All of a sudden, our courts don’t seem so bad. At least he won’t kill any more.

Not bored: No, I’m not bored with the “stay at home”, but my wife has watched 54 episodes of Magnum P.I., the one with Selleck, not the current pos.

Sad good-bye: First to one of the icons of rock and roll, “Little Richard”. He was a force to be reckoned with when he got on stage. And of course, to Jerry Stiller. Everyone remembers him from “Seinfeld” and such, but I remember him when he and his wife Elaine Meara were the King and Queen of stand-up. We’ll miss their talents, and voices.

A good binge; Just finished watching the first season of “ZeroZeroZero”, Amazon Prime. Wow, talk about double cross and back again. Some of the time jumps get you by surprise, but a thoroughly enjoyable binge, only 8 shows, but will keep you interested.

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