Motes For Your Monday

Please stop: Does any “news source” really look at the pictures they attach to their stories? Often, I have seen the same picture attached to two, or more, articles. But last week, Thursday, the Hawaii Civil Beat posted a story with the headline, ”Private schools may suffer as cash-strapped families can’t afford tuition”. Seems like a competent headline. But can anyone tell me why there is a picture of 9 or 10 Honolulu firemen lined up in front of what appears to be Saint Andrews Cathedrel? What do they have to do with the cost of tuition.? Is that the only picture they have of a “private school? Does anybody even look at these things? Well, beside me.

WTF: It appears that a positive test form the Coronavirus is now grounds for rejection of entry into the US military. “It states that individuals diagnosed or confirmed with COVID19 “but HOSPITALIZED” are “medically DISQUALIFIED” for accession, subject to further review of their hospitalization and comorbidity records, and a waiver by a Service Medical Waiver Authority.” In other words, anybody that has been hospitalized with COVID-19 will be medically disqualified and would need a service waiver to join the military. Again I say, WTF?

Kind of like flying your homeless to Hawaii: The San Francisco health department confirmed on Wednesday that the city is “administering alcohol, tobacco, medical canabis and other substances in a effort to prevent a handful of people quarantined or isolating in city-leased hotels from going outside to get the substances themselves.” So if you’re a junkie, go the San Fran, they’ll take care of you. And you can shat in the street.

Let me think on it, No: Stacy Abrams as vice-president. I don’t really want such a prejudiced, bigoted race hater as my V-P. Everyone seems afraid to call her what she is, so I will.

Of course it did: Recently a Texas woman received national prominence when she stood up to the .gov and tried to open her nail saloon. Her reason was simple, she was a sole proprietor and she needed to feed her kids. Big ruckus. Now, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday identified a nail salon as the first instance of community spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the state.“This whole thing started in the state of California, the first community spread, in a nail salon.” How freaking convenient. And of course, it was in California. For some reason., I really doubt this “investigation results”. Really.

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