Sunday Rant…Or Is It?

Heard an interesting “Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory” the other day. The stay at home closure is damaging small business a lot. So much so many will not be able to reopen. And the longer it goes on, the more of them that will no reopen. It appears the single factor on to open or not is, depending on who’s talking, the Governor or the Honolulu mayor. Suppose, for the sake of the theory, it is both of them. They both know they can’t run for re-election. They both know, even if they could run, they’d loose. What if, there was a large group of people, just waiting for all the bankruptcies to start due to the shut down. If they were inclined, a lot of business, especially bars, could be purchased for pennies. This large financial group, who make very profitable deals all the time, make some deals with governor and mayor to keep the shut down going until the wanted business cannot reopen, and they can buy them. That would put governor and mayor in very nice positions to lever their actions into, I don’t know, maybe seats on some very powerful boards or committees. Now, of course, this is all a Coronavirus conspiracy theory. Isn’t it? Never underestimate the power of human greed

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