Scratching the Friday Mote Itch

Faint Praise indeed: Cher, that highly educated, well spoken, Hollyweird spokesperson, says we should all vote for Biden. After all, “You have to vote for the one side you hate the least.” Don’t vote for him because, in her opinion, he is a better candidate, but rather he is, again her opinion, the least despicable. Faint praise.

A meme?: We are all being told to stay in our homes or we’ll be arrested. Then everyone is surprised that “released prisoners” are continuing to commit crimes, outside. People, they were in prison for a reason. Leave them there.

Its time has come: The patrons of the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland don’t even have to get out of their car. That’s right, a “drive through strip club”. The club originally offered delivery of it’s food menu and called itself “Boober Eats”, which gathered lots of orders and a “cease and desist” order from someone. Now, for a $30 you drive into the tent, see a short show, pick-up your food, and tell wife you were caught “in traffic”. According to the article in the HuffPost, even the dancers are happy. In Portland, of all places.

What is old is now new: Hard to tell what’s going on anymore. With all the worry about Covid-19, now we get the “Murder Hornet”. Anybody remember the 1990’s “African Killer Bee’s”? And they are still around, they didn’t just go away. Maybe Michael Whalemoore is right, “Mother Nature is Mad As Hell and Just Won’t Take It Anymore”.

Another no stinking evidence needed: We’ve all heard about the killing of a Michigan security guard for trying to do his job. He told a women she needed to wear a face mask while shopping at a “Dollar” store. About 20 minutes later, the woman’s husband and son return and shoot him to death. And now elements within the Michigan, and some national, MSM are trying to link the killing with the “armed protesters” that have been gathering around the state capital. It doesn’t bother them in the least that they claim the protesters are “white supremacist” and the shooters were black. Nor does the fact there is absolutely no evidence that neither the shooters or the victim had taken any part of the protests. They just don’t need no stinking evidence.

Well, I’m going to try and fly home to Hilo this weekend, .gov and Hawaiian Airline willing, and spend time at the Woodford Reserve. See ya’ all Monday. I hope.

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