Tuesday Motes Running With Scissors

How come: CNN “reporter” Don Lemon doesn’t like the president. That he has made clear. Recently Lemon, an afro-american, has accused President Trump of being jealous of former President Obama because he is “smarter”, “better educated”, “ore accomplished” and his wife is “more accomplished”. Now if a white man were to say the same thing about President Trump the world would stand in line to accuse him of racism, but will not say the same toon. I will. Mr. Lemon, you are the worst kind of racist, hiding behind your “reporter” position. You sir, are a racist.

We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence: Recently the people of Michigan showed their unhappiness with the state mandates by protesting at the capitol. The governor Gretchen Witchmer proclaim these were the “worse kind of racists” and “There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles.” That would be disgusting, but there hasn’t appeared to be a single photo of those swastikas, flags or nooses. NOT ONE. But hey, she said it happened and we’re supposed to believe all women. Right?

Great spot to camp: An Alabama man was found “camping out” on one of the Florida “Disney World” tropical islands. He said it was a beautiful spot, but they arrested him anyway, and “banned” him. Sounds like the time I broke down so the Lady and I pitched our tent off the road, a “little” way. Next morning, we found ourselves on the 9th green on the Kona Golf Course. No wonder the grass was soo soft.

Not me: Big news, “Dog” is engaged. Meh. Who cares. He used up his 15 minutes a long time ago. Like many people here, I’ve had a run-in with Chapman and found him to be a thoroughly distasteful hypocrite.

Badge of Honor: Yesterday I called one of our local “conservative” radio shows to complain about the new restrictions on inter-island travel. I guess I’m a little to conservative, or something, because he hung up on me. Me, I consider it an honor to be hung up on by the likes of KHVH Rick Hamada.

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