Minor Monday Motes

Watched a couple of movies over the weekend: “Richard Jewel”, a typical great Clint Eastwood. Jewel was not perfect, he made some really bad decisions, like everyone, but he did not deserve what the FBI and the MSM did to him in ’96. Oh wait, is it history repeating itself, or is it just the SOP of that organization?

We have gone full Nazi: The Constitution of the U.S. guarantee’s the right of a citizen to travel as he wishes without interference. Except in Hawaii. I now need;A letter on your Company Letterhead (Letterhead that matches the name of the company on the paystub);Are addressed to the Individual Employee
o Individual’s Name
o Home Address
 Have the Essential Worker authorization language as the body of the letter (with a company contract – cell phone/office in case the authorities call you from the airport).
 Have a couple of line items for:
o Project Location (address of where the Employee will be working)
o Lodging Location (address of where the Employee will be staying).
 Pay Stub! Please make sure they are carrying a paystub that is within the last 30-days.
Full freaking Nazi. I don’t remember hearing of any public notice on this imperial edict. I call it that because It isn’t a law. At least none I have ever heard about. Full Nazi.

Weekend lockdown: In Chicago, it was business as usual, 3 dead and 17 wounded in the weekend shootings. All those draconian gun laws are really not worth crap are they? The worst part, honest citizens can’t shoot back. They go to jail.

Also watched
: “1917”, Wow. The first World War like it was never seen before. An incredible immersive film that will leave you breathless.

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