Wednesday Pickup Motes

Sure that’ll work well: Many politicians, mostly of the Democritic party, are Actively promoting “mail-in voting”. That was nobody is exposed to anything, or identified as a citizen. They say that there is “no proof” that it would be open to voter fraud, Calipornia’s recent legalization of “ballot harvesting” not included. “RealClearPolitics” reports that between 2012 and 2018 there have been 28.3 million mail-in ballots, unaccounted for. Lost. Missing. Not counted. But there will be no fraud. Suuurrre.

What did I expect: Part of the pandemic being covered very lightly, if at all, is the effect of virus on the Native American populations. After New York and New Jersey, the place with the highest coronavirus infection rate in the U.S. is the Navajo Nation. “We are United States citizens but we’re not treated like that,” says Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. “You can hear the frustration, the tone of my voice. We once again have been forgotten by our own government.” More than 150 years ago, the Navajo and many other tribes signed treaties with the federal government giving up their land in exchange for funding of things like housing, infrastructure and health care. But for decades that hasn’t happened. There will be additional non-coverage by the MSM later.

Couldn’t believe my eyes: Last week I was watching something and during the commercial break got to fix my beverage. I returned just it time to see the end of a Glock firearms commercial. Glock? What, a firearm commercial, during prime time, on a major network not devoted to sports? I was pretty sure I was wrong until Friday night, during “Blacklist”, there it was again. Not only are firearm sales through the roof, but they’ve kind of gone mainstream.

Unintended consequences: Well, the nationwide “lockdown” is have an effect on all of us. Inter-island flight is a real pain in the patukus. On the good side, for the first time since 1957 ( 53 years) Miami Florida has gone 7 WEEKs without a murder. Once considered the murder capitol of America, Miami only had 51 murders last year. Way to go Miami.


Added two sharp pointy objects to the “sharp pointy object collection”. They are Gerber MK II “fighting knives”. The gray handle is an early 70’s model, it also has the blade that slightly widens at the tip, and small serrations. The black handled is a mid-80’s model and as the fairly consistent width and larger serrations. Welcome additions.

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