Sunday Rant

Now is a good time to talk about OP SEC. Operational security is something I preach, and try to follow. I have made mistakes a time or two.
Everybody seems to be talking about being prepared, and mostly un-prepared. Since Julie’s Cancer surgery, surgical masks and hand sanitizer is in full supply at our residence. I am also a sort of prepper, so we didn’t really have to go and buy a bunch of stuff. Even I forget OPSEC once in a while.
Once I was sitting with some co-workers talking about being prepared. I bragged, and that’s all it really was, I could go into my house and not leave for 90 or more days. One of the company v-p’s was sitting there and made the comment, “Well, if things get bad, I’m going to James place.”
Me, being a dumb ass, promptly advised him to “bring a bunch of big black bags” if he did. I said I’d need them to bury him in. I then told him in no vague language, I wouldn’t be sharing as anything I gave him would be that much less for my family. He got very butthurt that I wasn’t willing to share, what I had prepared, with he and his unprepared family. It was his last comment that woke me up;” You’d kill me for being hungry?” That pretty much ended the conversation.
Now that show’s his mind set. I’d be punishing him for “being hungry.” It never occurred to him to make is own prep’s, he rather just come over and use mine. So no, I wouldn’t kill someone for being hungry. Just if they tried to “take” my stuff.
But I should have never told him what I had, that was a stupid OPSEC violation. To keep what you have, keep it to yourself. Nobody else needs to know.

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